Blog Spotlight: Beatbox Portraits

Ya’ll this week’s Blog is another Creative Spotlight featuring one of my idols, a photo guru, kindred spirit and kind soul, Trish Dove of Beatbox Portraits. When I started this business, I started to follow so many creatives on social media. But like so many, I felt bogged down by the competition. I felt like I was just treading water. The competition flooded my newsfeed. I was overwhelmed by the challenge but felt this need and want to rise up to it.

So, one by one, I started deleting and unfollowing other photographers. The only way I was going to succeed was to stop comparing myself to every other photographer and to only follow the ones that depicted styles that I could hope to achieve, in my own unique way. The Rising Tide Society’s community over competition model states that we, as creatives, are stronger together than we are apart. We all have different visions and aspire to do different things yet we will not achieve them if we can’t grow together.  You’ve got to have that edge, the eye for curiosity and the heart to share your experience. Which is how I came to find and follow Beatbox. In DFW, there are certain names you know when it comes to the creative world. BeatBox Portraits is a name you should know.

tish 2

Recently, I had the chance to sit down and chat with Trish about her business model, her sources for inspiration, including her own upcoming wedding and how she plans to keep her followers on the edge of their seats. We gabbed for over 2 hours while we munched on tacos. We covered everything from advice for budding photographers to brainstorming for new outlets to venture into. At one point, she even graciously drew a map of a secret shoot location that I should check out. She was real and totally down to Earth.

I can see why she continues to gain followers. She makes sure to capture all those small moments, you know, the ones that really are the big moments. She has an eye for anticipating the emotion, the ability to envoke laughter and has mastered the clever approach to promoting affection. Her dreamy engagement shoots and fine art wedding portraiture is simply something out of a fairytale. I was initially drawn to her portfolio because of the romantic style she portrayed in her shoots but her innovation is what kept me following along. I noticed that she was incorporating bakeries and candle companies into her shoots. She was breaking the mold by not conforming to one particular style of shoot. I’ve seen her tackle everything from smoke bombs to cascading cliffs and floral design. Trish has got something that certain creatives lack. She has an audience that can’t wait to see what she does next and that’s what’s going to make her one of the big names here in DFW.

I don’t know what exactly I expected going into our meeting but I know that I walked away from this experience with a sense of forward motion and a fire that had been lit you know where, for how to expand my own portfolio. For the most part though, I walked away having gained a new friend and for that, I am thankful. To read our full interview and to find out how to reach/follow Beatbox Portraits, scroll down below the gorgeous images that Trish was gracious enough to provide for this Blog. Give her a like on Facebook, check out her Pinterest page or Follow her creative journey on Instagram! For more inquiries or questions on how to book with Trish, shoot her an email at


Interview with Beatbox Portraits:

RN: Why did you choose to be a wedding photographer?
BB: There is no other greater joy than to find that other person that is the peanut butter to your jelly. I believe amazing images start off with amazing relationships. That includes, couples that believe in building a strong lasting marriage and usually have been courting or dating for at least three years.I am a total romantic so I have always been one who loves to celebrate joy and happiness. Weddings allow my creative romantic side to soar. I am a firm believer that what ever you surround yourself with daily is the main influence on what kind of life you will live. I am surrounded by happy couples, in love, celebrating. This type of energy flows over into my daily life everyday and helps me to live a more fulfilled life full of joy and positive energy.  The number one adjective my clients use to describe me is “high energy happy soul”. What they don’t know is they are the reason for my bubbly personality.

RN: Meeting ideal clients can prove to be the hardest task in building a business. Do you have any advice on how to find those ideal clients?
BB: The term “ideal client” varies from one photographer to the next. I believe the ideal client finds you, not the other way around. I believe the #1 thing that chooses your client for you is your portfolio. When a future client lands on your website, they have connected with you well before you have connected with them. This happens many ways. They could have really connected with your About Me page, or they are a long time social media follower and have already connected with your style of imagery. An example, If your portfolio only shows destination weddings, destination brides will gravitate to you and your style. If you only show country chic weddings with burlap lace and boots, Texas country brides will gravitate to you. My ideal couples put an emphasis on being unique and are heavy on details and style. These trend setters are eclectic, dapper, hipster, boho, and  modern couples.
RN: Styled shoots are currently where it’s at for those trying to refine their photography vision. How do you go about attracting vendors who would be interested in setting up shoots?
BB: The first thing that attracts me to another vendor is their customer service. Then, I look at the quality of product or service they deliver. I refer my clients to other vendors that have the same brand and moto as I do. Quality is always a guarantee but my clients’ experience is the soul of my company. My business is 85% referral based and this means my couples were referred from another client I have worked with or another professional in the wedding industry. When you go the extra mile people remember and build trust with you knowing they had an amazing experience and that you will provide that same level of care and customer service to their family and friends. When I have a new idea or concept and want to setup a styled shoot, I find a vendor  that I am interested in collaborating with and I just reach out and introduce myself and ask them to be a part of the team.  It really is that simple.  Just say hello and see if they concept and style matches their brand and vision too.
RN: Getting published…where to start? Words of Advice?
BB: When it comes to getting published there are many things to take into consideration. I think it is easier to get a real wedding / couple published than a styled shoot. Publications love real couples.
-Before you shoot a wedding or shoot you really should have an idea of what publication you will be submitting too
-All publications have a vibe, light and airy, or moody and contrasted.
-are they all about the couple? 70%couple and 30% details
-are they all about the decor ? 70% details and 30%couple
-( a tip most publications like 75% to be vertical shots and 25% to be horizontal )
-You need to approach the event and shoot it just like you would see it in a magazine
-Publications love detail shots, anything that you can include to inspire future couples on how they can decorate their own wedding
RN: If you could give one piece of advice to a small business owner, what would it be?
BB: You will work 95% harder and longer being a small business owner for at least the first 5 years in business. But it doesn’t really feel like work when its your company and your schedule and you are working for you. You will get out what you put in. You will never feel like you are working when you are truly passionate about what you do. I was made to create.
RN: Who do you love to follow on social media for inspiration?
BB: I fill my social media feed with anything and everything weddings. I follow unique florists, wedding planners with style, fashion bloggers, caterers with exotic foods and home decor gurus. Truthfully, I follow everything but photographers. I realized a long time ago that when I fill my feed with all this inspiration from all over the world about unique foods, textures, colors, and trends, the concepts catapult my mindset into fun new ways to mix all of it into my own style. It is truly inspiring and pushes me to never get stagnate!
The reason I do not follow photographers is because we are our own worst critics! When all you do is measure yourself against everyone else you will see yourself picking up their style and their way. Then you will be in this weird abyss thinking and beating yourself up about why you are not walking their same path. This is very discouraging and you will have a hard time truly finding your way and your style. Fill your feed with inspiration that resonates with you and not the perceived success of your competition. . .
RN: Do you have a mission/message that you want to portray to your following?
BB: Get inspired, be inspired, live inspired! Lastly build a marriage you would like to see your children have one day.

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