Greensburg Salem Class of 2017: Kiara’s Senior Session

This lady is no stranger to the Blog. Kiara has been featured in family portraits and I have had the great pleasure of helping her build her modeling portfolio on more than one occasion. This go-around in front of the lens would be different. This shoot was all about this baby girl graduating high school in a few short months. Que the tears. She’s my little cousin. As in, she was born when I was already half grown so the fact that she’s graduating high school is kind of a reality check. Holy crap. I’m really 29. She is really 18. What is happening??? I mean, really guys. There is a story about us that gets told at every family function and to this day, still pains me.

It was my first time changing a baby’s diaper. Her grandmother had told me to lay a blanket down on the table and lay her down on her back, grab the wipes, blah blah. I was 11. I wanted to show her that I knew what I was doing. Everything was going fine. Until, I forgot to grab the diaper. So, I placed my hand on her belly to prevent her from rolling off the table and reached with my other hand for the diaper.

In those 2 seconds, this sweet little baby reached her tiny little hand around and grabbed the closest thing…a steaming hot cup of coffee. It spilled all over the table and down her teeny tiny back. I did my best to clean her up and calm her down but she kept screaming. I felt like I had burns all over my body. That’s how bad I felt. It was killing me to see her in pain. I was cursed. I was never going to touch another baby again.

After rushing her to the ER, they confirmed she was gonna make it. Or at least that’s how it felt to me that the time. Within a week or so, her baby soft skin had healed itself. We all forget how resilient kids are. We drill into them to get back on the horse. So they do. And they come back bigger and stronger every time. The reason I am telling you all this is because this girl right here is a fighter. Even as a toddler, she was sassy. She seems real quiet at first, minds her Ps &Qs, but just give her the chance to say what’s on her mind, and you all are gonna see the world a little bit differently. She is strong, kind and probably the biggest klutz I know but she has very bright future ahead of her. Congrats Kiara. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes you. And, I am officially stating how sorry I am for traumatizing you as a little one. Think of it this way, you’re still cute so we’re square. Love you Kiki!

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SIDENOTE: Yes, we did go down the humongous slide and it ended up being soaking wet. Still fun though. This huge slide is located at Mammoth Park near Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Words of advice: Bring wax paper and a little Pam and maybe, a pillow to land on at the bottom. 🙂


Katlyn’s Senior Session 2016

This past weekend, I had the great pleasure of meeting Katlyn and her family. Katlyn is about to join the Class of 2016 Graduates this spring and needed her Senior Portraits taken. After a little coercion, we managed to talk Katlyn into a sunrise session. I can’t imagine what it is like to try and convince a 17 year old to wake up at 6 am on a weekend for a photo shoot so Props to Momma Lisa!

The truth is, I can’t stress enough to clients how that early light and the aesthetic of a cool morning can make the photos really pop! But, man oh man, did we luck out. We really couldn’t have planned a better sunrise. It was a beautiful morning at Bear Creek Park, 55 degrees of perfect photo shoot weather! Mom and Dad took a hike around Keller Pointe while we ventured onto the horse trails and into the flower-filled meadow. Kat and I hit it off right away, talking about her post-graduation plans and laughing our way through the knee-deep grass in the fields. We stopped for an outfit change/coffee break about halfway through, got recharged and headed out into the daylight.

She continued to surprise me throughout the shoot. After an hour, almost every client gets that face…you know the one. They’ve reached that smile limit when their face hurts a little from all the direction. Well, not this girl. She could just naturally shift from sweet smiles to serious poses. Looking through the gallery really showcases that side of her character. She is this uber graceful and kind girl with a wild side, that little bit of edge that everyone envies. It was such a pleasure to meet someone her age with her head on her shoulders and big dreams on the horizon. This girl has a beyond bright future ahead of her and I hope we get the chance to work together again!


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