DFW Graduation Portraits: Hannah

It is with the happiest of hearts that I can announce that my sweet friend, Hannah, is officially done with her Bachelors degree in Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington! This Saturday, this gorgeous, semi-genius, kind, world-conscious and wanderlusty lady is going to walk across the stage and we could not be happier for her! Congratulations Hannah! We are so very proud of you. Check out our last session with this southern belle here.


I could not be happier that our sweet baby has someone like Hannah in their life. Hannah is strong and smart and the kind of girl we need more of in the world. I mean it when I say that we are incredibly blessed to have such a strong role model for our sweet Lucy to look up to. Hannah exudes grace and humility while constantly aiming to shatter glass ceilings. So, remember girls, you run the world but don’t forget the little girls out there who are looking at you to change it.


Congratulations to the UTA Graduating Class of 2019!!


Greensburg Salem Class of 2018 Graduate: Meet Jessica

Meet Jessica! Recent Greensburg Salem Graduate and future pre-med track University of Pittsburgh Graduate!! I met with this lovely young lady during my last trip home and had the opportunity to get to know a little bit more about her plans for the future.


We met at Twin Lakes State Park in Greensburg, Pennsylvania for her Senior Portrait Session. This lacrosse playing, honor roll student came prepared! She brought along a few adorable outfits, a Greensburg Salem Graduate balloon and her sweet Yorkshire Terrier.


Mama, Joyce, had won this session during a fundraiser raffle for Cystic Fibrosis Awareness and I was pleased as punch that these ladies had a clear vision as to what they wanted to do during their session.


Jessica is an active young woman with a tight grasp on where she wants her college experience to take her. She spoke with me about her interest in medicine and I found myself wishing I had her confidence at that age.  I encouraged her to chase her passion and life would lead her down the right roads.


I also learned that she was the middle child and you could tell almost immediately that her siblinghood has given her a bit of the gumption that she carries around. She has an older sister who helped paved a lot of paths and a younger brother to practice all her wisdom on!


Did I mention that the weather was absolutely perfect? Oh, man was I thankful for the good weather. I had booked a ton of Portrait Sessions for the upcoming Sunday and it was calling for rain which was a no-can-do. Luckily, most of my sessions offered to switch and at seven months pregnant, I was beyond thankful for their patience and understanding.


She is not just sweet though. She’s polite and kind and absolutely adorable. When she donned the white dress, she glowed. In the yellow, she shined but in the black floral off the shoulder, she was truly a vision of herself. You could tell that she was comfortable , calm cool and relaxed, even when I suggested she jump in the water.


The blooms at the park were the perfect backdrop. Both the azaleas, the laurels and the rhododendrons were in rare form that afternoon and we managed to catch them at their best.


Our last stop was a shack down by the water for a quick few shots of this lady before she would walk across the stage and enter the big, bad world of adulthood. I have no doubt that she will tackle life and all its’ adventures with the same sense of grace and fearlessness that she brought to her studies!


Best of luck to you Miss Jessica and Congratulations! I wish you success in wherever life takes you!!

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Dallas Blooms: Hannah’s Portrait Session at the Arboretum

Hey guys! I am so pumped to share this session with you because this sweet girl is literally one of my favorite people on Earth! Her little hippie heart had a vision of capturing portraits while being completely surrounded by flowers and you could say, she chose the right person for the job, Ya’ll, Meet Hannah!

Hannah is a young girl attending the University of Texas at Arlington for her Engineering degree and I could not be more proud of her. I met Hannah a few years back when she started working at Piccolo Mondo (my other side gig) and we became fast friends. It has been such a joy to see her tackle school and work and play in such a graceful manner.

For awhile now, I have been bugging her to allow me the chance to photograph her portraits. I knew she would be the perfect model and man, was I right or what?

We met for brunch that morning and began a leisurely start to our day. After chowing down on some delicious Breadwinners, we jumped in the car and began the long haul from Keller to the Dallas Arboretum. She wanted flowers and I knew that there is no place better than Dallas Blooms in April.

Hannah had brought a few outfits with her and I was so glad because each complimented different aspects of the surroundings. Her purple top worked wonders in the lilac and wisteria patches. Even the sunglasses she brought were a perfect touch.

As we walked around the park, we took time to enjoy the scenery and had time to choose which setting would provide the best lighting. Hannah was patient and relaxed throughout the shoot and I was thankful for her trust. She listened to direction and when things got a little tough, posing-wise, she would flip her hair or go totally serious on me for a completely different kind of look. The result was simply stunning.

Though playful and wild, this girl gets things done. For real, ya’ll should see her planner. It is insane how much she packs into a week and I admire her for all her hard work. She is giving 150% to her schooling, busting her butt at not 1 but 2 jobs and in her spare time, she hustles for charitable functions in her sorority. Did someone say Rockstar?

This shoot was the perfect opportunity to unwind and have a little fun playing with my camera’s settings. I owe a huge thanks to Hannah for trusting my creative vision and speaking up for what she wanted out of the shoot. She must have said ten times that her Mom was going to cry when she saw this and I won’t lie, I kinda did. But, I am 5 months pregnant and love this girl to pieces so I have a semi-excuse for the tears.

We ended the shoot by circling back around to a tree that Hannah just loved and I am so glad we did. I love this image so much. The tree was dramatic and provided the perfect backdrop for her curls and that pretty red sundress.

Our last stop was the petunia house. I’ve been to the Arboretum for Dallas Blooms before and seen some pretty amazing displays but these houses were seriously so awe-inspiring. I captured a bunch of Hannah in the house and then I let her have the camera so my sweet friend could capture my little baby bump and those images will be some that I will cherish forever. It was a joy and a pleasure hanging with my girl for the day and I hope I get to share more from her in the future. Thanks Hannah! Lots of love to you my friend!