Piccolo Mondo Celebrates 35 Years with Another Best Of Fort Worth Nomination

For those of you who don’t know, I lead a double life. When I am not shooting newborn sessions and engagement photos, I spend my time working as a Manager and Bar Maiden at Piccolo Mondo Italian Restaurant in Arlington, Texas! Over the past 35 years, this restaurant has become a special place to so many. To Owner and Operations Manager, Antonio Capaccioli, Piccolo Mondo is more than just a family-run business, it has become a second home. Just ask the patrons who are still coming back after all these years!


  Piccolo Mondo can only be described as a fine dining establishment focusing on genuine Italian cuisine, prime steaks and fresh seafood. As one of the last white tablecloth dining options in Arlington, Piccolo continues to provide a quality customer service experience all the while upholding the tradition of consistently tasty authentic Italian dishes. 2018 will be no exception. We have been nominated for the Star Telegram’s 2018 Fort Worthy Best Italian Restaurant and voting will end on June 11th!


Located just miles from AT&T Stadium off of Lamar Blvd., the menu is classic Italian fare. Appetizers such as Calamari Fritti, Prosciutto e Melone and Crostini di Burrata are a few of the patron favorite appetizers. I suggest the Antipasto Misto or the Stuffed Mushrooms. Paired with a Ferrari Carano Siena red wine, either are to die for! Whether you are coming back to see your favorite waiter, most of them have been here since the beginning, or it’s your first time visiting, the staff around here aims to please.


 Over the last 30+ years, we have hosted our fair share of rehearsal dinners, business meetings and even surprise birthday parties! Dinner prices range from $15-$66/entrée and we aren’t just serving Spaghetti Bolognese. You will find scrumptious options like Lobster Isabella, Medaglioni alla Cavour, Capelli D’Angelo alla Pescatora, think Fruitti di Mare or even a Rack of Lamb alla Griglia.  Whether it is a Birthday or Anniversary dinner, Piccolo is the place to celebrate big moments. Stop by for your birthday or anniversary and dessert is on us. We’ll serve up Profitterols Cioccolate (cream puffs) topped with our homemade whipping cream!


Did I mention that we have live music? The entertainment starts at 7 pm Tuesday through Saturday. We have a pianist Tues-Saturday and a saxophonist jumps in Wed-Friday. Everything from Billy Joel’s Piano Man to Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, a few Adele ballads and a whole lot of jazz fill the dining room 5 days a week. You’ll hear tunes you haven’t heard in awhile like Celine Dion’s Titanic theme or Moon River. The talent isn’t afraid to shy away from a request either. They’ve tackled Les Miserables, Somewhere over the Rainbow and on the rare occasion, Don Mclean’s American Pie.


Around here, we give a whole new meaning to After Dinner Drinks and Before Dinner drinks for that matter. On the hunt for a premium single malt scotch, Louis XIII or champagne splits? We’ve got you covered. In fact, our bar is fully stocked with premium liquors and our ever-changing Cocktail Infusions are just a highlight to the art of Martini making! And if ice cream is your forte, make sure to snag a Brandy Alexander. This boozy milkshake is a patron favorite! With the bars’ proximity to the piano, this space is perfect for a relaxing night cap or an oasis to have dinner and catch the end of the ball game.


So, what are you waiting for? We have spent over three decades providing the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with an upscale dining experience and we would love to have your vote. Click through to the Star-Telegram link to vote Piccolo Mondo for Best Italian Restaurant and then stop by because we’d  love to help you celebrate your next big night! Lastly, we are so very thankful for our loyal patrons and hard working staff for making Piccolo Mondo a staple in our local community!





Coming this October: Baby Capaccioli

You read it right! Now that the cat is officially out of the bag, I can share this adorable pregnancy announcement. My good friends, Gian Marc and Emily, are expecting their first child this October! For those of you who don’t know them, get ready to meet the sweetest couple in the world. Or should I say Trio?

The Capacciolis are an easy gang to please. When it came time to pick a location for their big announcement shoot, they left it up to me so I choose the Fort Worth Water Gardens.  The clean lines make for an exquisite downtown backdrop. Surrounded by brick buildings and glass towers, this place is a peaceful corner for Texans to enjoy an afternoon listening to the water rushing over the expertly engineered falls.

They arrived shortly before sunset and we immediately headed down into the largest water feature. Though an architectural feat, the massive steps down into the falls were a little daunting. They had joked upon arrival that surely I wouldn’t make them go down into the thick of it. Hahaha

Once we were on the biggest platform, I realized how loud the water was! I could barely hear them nor could they hear me. This was going to be a challenge because I usually shout out poses and direction while I shoot. Since that wouldn’t be happening, I told them to just go love on each other. After a few sweet kisses and snuggles in front of the waterfalls, Emily busted out Baby Capaccioli’s first picture, their latest sonogram!


This urban sanctuary is divided into 3 refreshing pools; the quiet, the active and the aerating. We visited all 3 that day but while walking around, I asked Em to write a little something on a chalkboard. The picture above is Emily doing just that. We laughed as they fought over who had better handwriting. It was cute to see them so excited about just writing their news down, let alone sharing it with the world. That’s what I love about these two. They live and love in the little moments.

I met Gian Marc 2 days after I moved to Texas, FIVE YEARS AGO!!! His family owns Piccolo Mondo Italian Restaurant, a staple here in Dallas-Fort Worth, and they hired me just days after arriving here. Over the years, this place has become a home. A home filled with amazing friends, like Gian Marc and Emily. Little known fact, Russ and I got engaged on the same day as these guys. I was so caught up in the fact that Gian Marc was about to propose to Emily that I had no idea Russ was about to bend the knee. To boot, Gian Marc had been in on it the whole time.

It’s so fun knowing that our lives are coming into fruition in a weird sort of unison. We’ve got to celebrate our engagements, our marriages and now, I am photographing their announcement that they are bringing a Bambino/a into the Capaccioli gang! Thank you guys. It was an honor to say the least. Life is good y’all!