Brit & Jeremy

Sometimes, just sometimes you walk away from a shoot with nothing but smiles. This was that kind of shoot. It was a beautiful fall morning when I met Brit, Jeremy and their sweet pup, Beau, out on a ranch in Keller, Texas. I met Brit at a flower shop in Grapevine. You could say she was a teacher of sorts, far more knowledgeable in the world of floral arrangement and design than I could hope to be. To say I valued her knowledge of the floral world is an understatement so you could imagine my excitement when Brit asked me to photograph her and her husband for some Christmas cards.

It was a warm morning in November when we ventured out onto the property. The lighting was impeccable and the weather was perfect. We managed to hike the vast acreage on the ranch and capture some amazing shots of this couple in the wildflowers. If you can’t tell by the smile on Brit’s face, these two are smitten for each other in all the right ways. Two years of wedded bliss can do that to you.  It was a pleasure to catch up with this sweet girl and her two favorite guys. Crossing my fingers these two give me a call when they are ready to bring the next Williamson into the world. Lots of love and Happy Holidays!



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